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Workbench Modules

Deep shelves for storage below and a solid work top built into one! The MD4842T features two bolt-in deep shelves measuring 24″D x 48″W with 4″ deep containment lips. The B-leg design allows for trailers with in-board wheel wells. Shelves can be inverted to add steel or composite drawer units. The MD4842T measures 42″H x 48″W x 24″D. Note: plywood work top not included.

Adjustable Shelving and Workbench

Item # MD4842T


The MD 610 Workbench Module includes a heavy-duty steel workbench with a Masonite covered worktop, stool, nine lockable medium drawers, four locking shallow drawers, a catalog file and a lockable wheel-house cover. Measures 84″ W, 32″ H, 12″/18″ D.

Workbench Module

Item # MD610



This workbench module has a masonite work top with a mix of small and medium drawer units. Measures 42″W, 38″H, 14/18″D.

Workbench Module w/Trailer Rail Kit

Item # MD708T


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