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Six Shelf Catalog File

Item # 17A


Six Shelf Catalog File is designed for catalogs but also serves to store a variety of materials between the 3″ shelf spacings.

Overall size: 11″ W, 24″ H, 12″ D.

Three Shelf Catalog File

Item # 43


Three Shelf Catalog File is ideal to fit in narrow spaces. It has three inclined shelves.

Overall size: 6″W, 34″H, 12″D

Four Slot Binder Holder

Item # BH4


Four Slot Binder Holder is designed to mount on partition or almost any vertical surface. Excellent for binders. Each pocket is 2 1/2″ deep.

Overall size 12-3/4″ W, 19-1/2″ H, 2-1/2″ D.


Item # CB2


Two Book File is 6-1/4″ wide with hinged retaining strap. Recommended for mounting on the floor between front seats and partition. Holds folders 12″ H x 10-1/2″ D. Overall size: 6″ W, 14″ H, 12″ D.

Three Book File

Item # CB3


Three Book File is 10-3/4″ wide file for books. It may be mounted on cabinet tops or on the floor. Retaining strap is secured to inside wall surfaces – multiple units can be flush-mounted side by side. Accommodates folders 12″ H x 10-1/2″ D.

Overall size:10-3/4″ W, 14″ H, 12″ D.

Utility Storage Box

Item # CB4


Utility Storage Box can store a variety of printed or reference material. Also suitable for keeping tools, safety glasses, gloves and other items. Hinged lid.

Overall size: 12″ W, 12″ H, 14″ D.

Aluminum Lock Box

Item # LKB1

Many customers have asked for a storage unit that can accommodate valuable cargo, invoices and payments inside their cargo vans. Being easy to use and accessible was key. The LKB1 Lock Box does just that. The Lock Box is aluminum with a black powder coat finish. The large lock on the front will accommodate a hockey puck lock or padlock (not included.) The most common location for installation is facing out the van side door which allows for easy access. Opening and closing the large lid is safe with the attached gas shock.

Measures 20″ wide, 25″ deep and 14.5″ high.

Five Slot Literature Holder

Item # CB5

Five Slot Literature Holder is designed to mount on almost any vertical surface. Excellent for work orders. Each pocket is 2-1/2″ deep.

Overall size: 12″ W, 24″ H, 2-1/2″ D.

Seven Slot Literature Holder

Item # CB7


Seven Slot Literature Holder mounts on almost any vertical surface. Larger capacity for work orders, mail and reference material. Each pocket is 6-3/4″ deep.

Overall size: 14-3/4″ W, 28-7/8″ H, 7″ D.