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36″ Storage Racks and Modules – Full Size Van

MD 504 Rack Module provides upright, divided shelving space. Includes Nos. 18(2).

Measures 36″W, 46″H, 12″D.

Rack Module

Item # MD504

MD 505 Two Cabinet Drawer Module has locking cabinets and eight medium drawers. Includes Nos. 2(2), 12(2).

Measures 36″W, 46″H, 12″/18″D.

Two Cabinet Drawer Module

Item # MD505

MD 503 Vertical Rack Drawer Module has one locking cabinet, four shelves, and six drawers – two medium, four shallow. Includes Nos. 3, 9, 12, 19.
Measures 36″W, 46″H, 12″D

Vertical Rack Drawer Module

Item # MD503

MD 502 Horizontal Rack Drawer/Cabinet Module has welded shelf dividers along top, one locking cabinet and four medium drawers. Includes Nos. 1, 2, 18, R2.

Measures 36″W, 46″H, 12″/18″D.

Horizontal Rack Drawer/Cabinet Module

Item # MD502

MD 501 Quad Cabinet Module has large, individually locking cabinets. Includes Nos. 1(2), 4A, 12(2).
Measures 36″W, 46″H, 12″/18″D.

Quad Cabinet Module

Item # MD501
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