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Accessories and Equipment

Step Stool

Item # 14

Step Stool has a wide base and is 12″ high. Stool can be used as a workbench or auxiliary step. One size, top measures 10″ x 20″.

Cable Reel Holder

Item # CRH2

Cable Reel Holder provides flexible cable storage for your work van or truck. The CRH2 features a durable frame, two steel shafts that accommodate up to a 15 1/2″ diameter reel by 14″ wide.

The CRH2 measures 19 1/8″ wide by 16″ deep by 44 7/8″ high.

Cable Reel Holder

Item # KDRH2

KDRH2 Cable Reel Holder accommodates large cable and wire spools up to 16″ wide and 18″ in diameter. Spools nest in conveyor rollers to conveniently reel out wire and cable. Tie-down chains with neoprene cover and snap hooks contain spools in holder.

Overall size: 18″W, 46″H, 18″D

Hard Hat Holder

Item # TA2

Hard Hat Holder secures hat to partition or shelving.


Item # TA1

TA1 Hook Bar maximizes vertical storage space. 2″ x 12″ bar mounts to partition or other vertical surfaces. Four welded hooks with 2″ hanger opening.


Item # TH30

TH 30 Refrigerant Tank Holder for 30 lb. tank -holds tank to partition or other vertical surface.


Item # TH50

TH 50 Refrigerant Tank Holder for 50 lb.tank -holds tank to partition or other vertical surface.

Welded Tank Rack 1-30 2-50

Item # WTR130250

The WTR130250 holds one 30lb tank and two 50lb refrigeration tanks. Racks feature 14 gauge tubular steel frames welded for strength with sloped cradles and nylon straps.

Welded Tank Rack 4-30

Item # WTR430

Vertically carry 4-30lb. tanks. Refrigerant tanks for convenient, secure storage. Racks feature new 14-gauge tubular steel frames welded for strength with sloped cradles and nylon straps to secure tanks.

Top Tray for Welded Tank Racks


The Welded Tank Rack Tray provides a storage area mounted on top of the welded tank racks. The tray is easy to attach and can be equipped to any size tank rack. The WTRTRAY measures 11.5″ wide by 12″ deep with a 1.5″ lip. A great location for gauges, gloves and other small parts.

Aerosol Can Tray 3-hole

Item # ACT3

Aersol Can Trays secure cans for easy access on doors, partition, or shelving end panels.

Measures 11.75″W, 6.75″H, 4″D.